SGT Bently "Bent" Little

Reckless daredevil squad leader.

SGT Bently “Bent” Little Seasoned AGE: 25 HT: 6’ WT: 202#
AGI: d6 STR: d8 SMA: d4 VIG: d8 SPI: d8
TOUGH: 15 (8) PARRY: 5
Climbing d6, Fighting d6, Gambling d4, Intimidation d8, Notice d4, Shooting d8, Stealth d4, Survival d4, Taunt d4, Throwing d4
Edges: Brawny, Daredevil, Hard Charging, Luck
Hindrances: Bullet Magnet, Delusional (Too Pretty to Die), Optimist
All Purpose Armor (+8)
Lancer Carbine d8+1 to-hit Damage: 2d8-1 AP: 2 Range: 20/40/80 RoF 3, Mag 30, Full-Auto, Burst Fire
Gnasher Shotgun d8 to-hit Damage: 3d6/2d6/1d6 AP: - Range: 12/24/48 RoF 1, Chamber 8
Bolo Grenade d4 to-hit Damage: 4d6 AP: - Range: 8/15/30 RoF 1, Medium Burst

In times of war, many negative traits are overlooked. In fact, some can actually be considered positive. For SGT Bently “Bent” Little, Lady Luck delivered him into the tail end of the Pendulum Wars. Despite being only tenuously connected to reality, Bent was able to turn his unique mix of fearlessness, recklessness, and gung ho “can do” into rapid promotions until, eventually, he found himself appointed a squad leader.

Unfortunately, peace came, and Bent found himself all out of opportunities. Lady Luck had one last draw for him, though. There was trouble brewing in the southwest, where the little country of Vesta bordered the obnoxious troublemaking country of Gorasnaya. Knowing the best end Bent could hope for was a glorious shootout, Bent’s commanders recommended him for assignment to the 2nd Light Infantry Regiment being reconstituted to watch over Vesta.

Possible conflict with the obnoxious Gorasnayans? Hell, YEAH! Bent jumped at the opportunity.

SGT Bently "Bent" Little

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