PVT Lee Butcher

Big, rough around the edges, honorable, naive outsider, former tomboy rancher's daughter.

PVT Lee Butcher Seasoned AGE: 25 HT: 5’ 8" WT: 143#
AGI: d6 STR: d8 SMA: d4 VIG: d6 SPI: d6
TOUGH: 13 (8) PARRY: 4
Climbing d4, Driving d6, Fighting d4, Know (Mechanics) d8, Lockpicking d4, Notice d4, Repair d8+2, Shooting d6, Stealth d4, Survival d4, Throwing d4, Tracking d6
Edges: Danger Sense, Handyman, Riding with the Angeles
Hindrances: Cautious, Code of Honor, Outsider
All Purpose Armor (+8)
Lancer Carbine d6+1 to-hit Damage: 2d8-1 AP: 2 Range: 20/40/80 RoF 3, Mag 30, Full-Auto, Burst Fire
Bolo Grenade d4 to-hit Damage: 4d6 AP: - Range: 8/15/30 RoF 1, Medium Burst

PVT Lee Butcher grew up on a cattle ranch in the rural western stretches of Tyrus’s Timgad Valley. Just like her brothers, she helped around the ranch, and she hunted, and she helped fix broken tractors and other gear. She never really had time for dolls and make-up and other things, so when she went to school, she just never did fit in with the other girls. And, while attractive enough, she never really fit in with the boys, most of whom were intimidated by her willingness to wrestle and do other physical activities.

When the ranch ran into hard times, Lee joined the Gears and sent money home to pop to help make ends meet. It was in the Gears where Lee—Private Butcher—finally found like-minded folks. Sure, the guys still seemed a little put-off by her, but most of the women didn’t pick on her anymore. And when folks saw what she could do with a cracked cylinder head, or with a slipping transmission, or a burned out clutch . . . well, she had a new home indeed. She just had a hard time with all the “sir” and “ma’am” and officer and enlisted and whatsits. Not a hard time understanding, just a hard time focusing on stuff that was so irrelevant. And sure, she could field strip her Lancer in no time, but the idea of killing someone with it? Why?

It wasn’t her love of mechanical gear or her broad shoulders and firm arms and awkward walk that got PVT Butcher transferred to the 2nd Light Infantry Regiment, so she took solace in that. But the transfer hurt no less. After all, it was still a rejection of sorts. And all because she just didn’t care much about the whole “conduct of war”?

PVT Lee Butcher

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