CPL Zeira Odenka

Cocky, hot-tempered loner, fresh graduate from recon and sniper school.

CPL Zeira Odenka Seasoned AGE: 24 HT: 5’ 9" WT: 151#
AGI: d10 STR: d8 SMA: d6 VIG: d6 SPI: d6
TOUGH: 11 (6) PARRY: 2
Climbing d6, Notice d8, Shooting d10, Stealth d8, Survival d4, Throwing d4, Tracking d6
Edges: Marksman, Steady Hands, Trademark Weapon (Longshot)
Hindrances: Arrogant, Loner, Quirk (Angry over failure)
Recon and Report Armor (+6)
Lancer Carbine d10+1 to-hit Damage: 2d8-1 AP: 2 Range: 20/40/80 RoF 3, Mag 30, Full-Auto, Burst Fire
Longshot Rifle d10+2 to-hit Damage: d10+2 AP: 4 Range: 50/100/200 RoF 1, 1 Shot
Bolo Grenade d4 to-hit Damage: 4d6 AP: - Range: 8/15/30 RoF 1, Medium Burst

PVT Zeira Odenka knew she would find her place in the Gears one day. She loved the life of a Gear, but she just didn’t get into the whole “spirit of the unit” and other ceremony and trivialities. No, what she loved was a job that had focus. And purpose. And clear objectives. She just needed more of those things.

So when the opportunity arose to go to Recon and Sniper School, PVT Odenka jumped. The school was supposedly grueling, but it sounded like it was meant just for her.

Truth be told, the school was a bit much for PVT Odenka. She’d never actually killed someone, not directly. Yeah, she’d fired at people in battle, and she’d seen people fall down. But had she ever killed someone with absolute certainty? Had she ever pulled the trigger and seen someone fall down in a mist of blood? No. And that was a large part of what the sniper course focused on: becoming a cold-blooded killer.

But it was the sort of focus she had always wanted, so she pushed through. And graduated second in her class. But the course commandant left a note of caution in her record. PVT Odenka had excelled, but she had shown hints she might be having trouble with the weight of her new assignment.

Odenka got her badge and her corporal stripes, but she couldn’t get an assignment. The commandant’s cautions had made her toxic.

Things looked pretty grim for CPL Odenka, until she caught wind of the 2nd Light Infantry Regiment being reconstituted. The regiment was desperate for people, so it wasn’t being picky. Odenka applied, and she was accepted. She caught a King Raven to Banseth, where she hooked up with her new company.

The entire drive through Vesta, she couldn’t stop grinning, and it was all she could do not to vomit. Her dream had come true, but it could easily be a nightmare.

CPL Zeira Odenka

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